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Opis oferty

Athena Marmor Polska Ltd. exists and has been operating continuously for over 23 years in the industrial processing of natural stones (marbles, granites etc).
The company manufactures construction products of natural stones imported (mainly) from quarries of Greece or other countries, around the world.
Athena Marmor is currently the only company in Poland engaged with the modern production of mosaics made from natural marble on an industrial scale, achieving to increase product efficiency by utilizing marble waste remaining after production. Company’s main idea is to offer a large variety of products, enriching them with new ones by the time.
In 2012, the company received a subsidy from the EU for the project "Launching innovative mosaic production and decorative stone moldings in Athena Marmor Polska Sp. z o. o." and purchased a fully equipped automated line for the mass production of marble mosaics along with many other accompanying machines and tools.
The company has no loans or overdue obligations to suppliers, or any other entities.

Możliwości rozwoju:
By using company’s technical capabalities and raw material, there are reasonable probabilities for efficiently leading the production of marble mosaics and decorative moldings on a large scale.
All is needed is a well-organized production and sales department, creating a network of distributors (companies, stores, salons with interior furnishings, bathrooms, ceramic tiles, etc.).
No other company in Poland produces marble mosaics on an industrial scale and does not have so many ready-made machines, equipment and raw materials for its production.
The Polish market is very absorptive and, in addition, there are huge opportunities to export the mosaics to the western and eastern markets as well as to the Arabian countries.
The Company's plans were also to organise an artistic mosaic department. For this purpose professional tools and accessories were purchased.
With regards to the production and assembly of typical stone products (countertops, window sills, stairs, floors, wall cladding, fireplaces etc.), there is a very large market demand for this type of services.

Nieruchomości i urządzenia

With regards to technology and machines, Athena Marmor is one of the most well equipped marble and granite factories in Poland. The company consists of two divisions:
1. A stone (marble, granite etc) elements production facility - fully equipped with a wide range of machinery, tools and stone material.
2. A marble mosaic production facility - equipped with the most modern and sole production line in Poland for the manufacture of marble mosaics (all of the machinery for this production line has been purchased as an innovative technology and financed in part by EU funds) and stone material for mosaic production.
The company has all the necessary machines and equipment for the manufacture of marble and granite products, including marble mosaics and additionally a huge marble and granite stock in the form of slabs, tiles, blocks and raw stone material for mosaic production, finished marble mosaic stock, trucks, including TIR (lorry) set, forklifts etc.
The stone elements production facility uses modern technology by utilizing high-performance machines for cutting and processing of natural stones (marble and granite). The technology used in the marble mosaic production facility is an innovative technology, based on the operation of the most modern, fully equipped production line of Tecnema and Kromas.
As a result of the use of new technologies, the company is able to respond immediately 0and effectively to the customers’ needs.

1. Machines and equipment for stone cutting and processing with a purchase value of 300.000 Euro, such as:
• Dimikiounis bridge cutting machine with rotary table
• Koukas marble cutting machines
• Promasz automatic polishing machine for slabs
• polishing machines for stone elements
• polishing machine for tiles
• Marmo Meccanica automatic vertical polishing machine for edges
• Tecnema mosaic cutting and drying machines
• Tecnema automatic loading and gluing plant for mosaics
• Kromas vibration machine
• Guglielmi automatic horizontal splitting machine
• Levi Tunisi machine for the production of stone baseboards
• stone drill, stone lathe, sandblaster, compressor, slabs transfer system inside the production hall, pneumatic lifts, milling plotter and many more

2. Machines and devices purchased for the production line of marble mosaics and decorative stone moldings with a purchase value of 300.000 Euro, such as:
• Tecnema mosaic cutting machines (full production line)
• horizontal splitting machine
• drying cabin for mosaics
• separator machine for mosaics
• machine for crushing stone and production of palladiana
• profiling machine
• Kromas mosaics and pebbles vibration machine
• milling plotter for the production of mosaic forms and trays
• full set of diamond cutting discs, diamond profile wheels, ready forms for cutting
and trays for gluing mosaics
• set of stone processing machines, ancillary to the production of mosaics, consisting of:
large and small cutting machine, polishing machine, stone drill, automatic stone lathe, crushing machine, stone splitter, machine for the production of stone baseboards
• in addition: Fraccaroli & Balzan specialized water treatment plant, conveyor belt
and stone transport trucks, work tables for laying mosaics, furnace, industrial monitoring and other
3. Other:
• Means of transport, including 2 delivery vans, TIR (lorry) set, 2 forklifts
• computers and software
• goods worth 600.000 Euro

Wsparcie posprzedażowe

Powód sprzedaży

In March 2017, the main shareholder and Chairman of the company, who mainly dealt with the development of mosaic production, passed away.
This is the basic reason for seeking an investor and making a decision to proceed with the sale of shares.

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